Why Your Older Loved Ones Needs Wi-Fi at Home


As times are progressing, the technology and modern way of living are also advancing, and while the new generations grow up with it, often many old people belonging to the so-called ‘Print era’ are left behind in this race of advancement. 

The last couple of decade has seen countless inventions in technology. Wi-Fi beating the rest has nailed as top invention, which allows you to stay connected to anyone, anywhere around the world. It has started a new generation of services, which opens up vast opportunities and benefits for people belonging to all age groups and has made all of our lives easier.

Wi-Fi combined with modern technology has progressed over the years to bring ease in our lives. Older people, who often feel isolated and start to find essential, day to day tasks difficult can improve the quality of their life; using the Wi-Fi on their different appliances and gadgets such as:

1. Alexa

A state of the art gadget with new technology, Alexa is a device developed by Amazon. It acts as a virtual home assistant when connected to Wi-Fi. It is user- friendly and uses voice interaction after you set it up. Alexa can perform multiple tasks such as play music, make to-do lists, set alarms, make calls, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, and provide weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news. It can all be done by single voice command. It is a device that can both entertain and be extremely helpful for older people at home.

2. iPads and Tablets

Many companies like Apple, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung have come up with tablets and iPads, which are like small computers in your hand, which are user-friendly for older adults. These have all the features and applications of a standard computer; some even come with keyboards that can be easily detached, and some have a built-in CD port. Wi-Fi is the key to make all the applications work; whether it’s video calling, or typing a document, older people won’t have to go through the trouble of booting up a computer, they can comfortably sit back in their chairs and access the internet on the computers in their hands.

3. Smart Plugs

One of the best uses of Wi-Fi can be seen in these plugs. They not only let you save time, electricity but also get you off the couch or bed less often. Once connected to the Wi-Fi, you can turn them off and on from your smartphone, tablet, or your computer quickly. Apps help you track information about energy use and cost and turn off your bedroom lamp from the kitchen or even across town. This an ideal appliance to have at home where older adults reside, as they cannot bend down easily or get up, again and again, to turn the switches off.

4. Security System

Smart security systems can connect to Wi-Fi, and offer surveillance of your home 24/7, and if the alarms are triggered, they can automatically notify the local fire station or the police station, depending on the situation. You can set and disable alerts easily and can monitor the security camera footage through the app on your smartphone or tablet anywhere and at any time with a good Wi-Fi connection. This is an amazing system for aged people as they are often not able to do much in emergencies.

5. Smart Pet Feeder

Older people often want a constant companion with them, so that they don’t feel alone and a pet is the best companion anyone can ask for. However, feeding them five times a day can be a real hassle. To best manage the situation, a smart food dispenser can be connected to the Wi-Fi signal that can be controlled by the application on your smartphone. Food can be dispensed in the bowl of your pet whenever you want, or a proper schedule can also be set on the app.

6. Smart Vacuum

Smart vacuum or an iRobot is a new approach to automated cleaning. It connects to the Wi-Fi and can be controlled by voice command like Alexa or by an application on your phone. It is beneficial for aged people, especially those who live alone as they cannot clean the house every other day. So say the word, and the vacuum will clean the floors and even empty its bin.

7. Entertainment

Older people don’t have many physical activities to keep themselves busy, but with Wi-Fi on their televisions or tablets, they can access all kinds of entertaining stuff like movies, TV shows and even listen to music. Popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are all accessed by the internet and are a good source of entertainment for all ages.

8. Wi-Fi for Others

In conclusion, the popularity of Wi-Fi is, no doubt the testament of its significance. It’s a massive help for the elderly only if they learn how to use it. It is affordable and cost-effective as one connection can help in the usage of unlimited appliances and gadgets. As technology will advance, fewer people would need to get up and do actual work themselves or rely on other people for necessary help.