9 Gadgets That Are Easy For Seniors To Use


Reading glasses can be pretty expensive, especially if the senior's eyesight keeps worsening. But what if there's a mega-scale magnifier that brightens and zooms in on the reading material? It would be excellent for seniors, right?

This, and many other gadgets, are designed to make life smoother for our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts. They help in the kitchen, in the toilet, the bedroom, outside the house, and even when they're just relaxing in the lounge.

Here, we have listed some gadgets that your senior won't ever want to let go of. All you have to do is choose your picks and then dial up the Ohana Concierge Service. They will get the gadgets delivered safely, verify that they work well, and even help seniors set them up.

RAK Magnetic Pick Up Tool

This senior-friendly gadget should have a permanent place in every senior's bag or pocket. The RAK magnetic pickup tool is a telescopic stick that comes with a magnetic end and LED lights. It can attract things that have magnetic components, such as TV remotes, coins, keys, glasses, etc.

There is no need to bend down or look under sofas to find lost items. Instead, just extend the telescopic stick, switch on the light, and aim the stick towards the thing you want to pick. Simple, but very useful!

Besmon Store Electric Jar Opener

Some jars are sealed so tightly that even healthy adults can't screw them open easily, so it's totally out of question for seniors. With the Besmon jar opener, though, this is no problem at all.

This electric opener can adjust to different sizes of lids and caps, making it easy to open jam bottles, shampoos, creams, and medicine bottles. It's great for seniors with mobility issues.

2-Side Fidget Sensory Blanket for Seniors

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Seniors with memory issues and nerve problems do not always perceive usual gadgets as regular seniors do, so they often forget why these gadgets are there in the first place. However, this 2-side sensory blanket is a lifesaver for seniors with Alzheimer's, Asperger's syndrome, or autism.

The two-sided blanker has detachable items such as laces, zippers, buckles, latches, and toggle buttons. Made with different fabrics, the blanket activates productive sensory responses. It gives seniors a calming, happy, and relaxed sense of self.

Garden Genie Gloves

Gardening is a hobby that many seniors take up after retirement. It's both soothing and rewarding. So for seniors who are into gardens and plants, these Garden Genie Gloves are a perfect gadget.

These gloves are made of soft rubber material and have claw-like fingers to easily move the soil. With these protective gloves, gardening can become a whole lot safer for seniors. They'll avoid breaking their nails or sustaining any other serious injuries to their hands.

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker With Built-in GPS

As a senior, one can never risk being careless about their health, especially if there's any sort of chronic condition involved. In this case, it's essential to be updated with every change that takes place in your body, which brings us to the doorstep of technology: a health-monitoring smartwatch!

This Fitbit Health Tracker smartwatch is equipped with a GPS tracker, a heart rate monitor, as well as an activity tracker for seniors. From sleeping to walking to swimming and cycling, the Fitbit tracker keeps tabs on the number of calories burned, body temperature, blood pressure, etc.

Medline Bathtub Safety Grab Bar

Bathtub support is a crucial component for elderly people with mobility issues. Besides nonslip pads and motion-activated shower curtains, there's one other gadget that can make a luxury bath possible for seniors: these safety grab bars!

Medline's bathtub safety grab bars are adjustable and detachable bars that can be attached to either side of the bathtub. The senior can use them to lie inside the tub as well as to get out of it. These high-quality, medical-grade nonslip bars are great for seniors who need to overcome their fear of falling and slipping in the bathroom.

Motion Sensor Activated Washroom Nightlight

To make seniors' washroom experience thoroughly comfortable and secure, we've added another gadget to our list. This motion sensor-enabled nightlight for washrooms is a perfect gadget for seniors who frequently use the bathroom during the night.

If they have to switch on the big bright LED bulb several times, it could really disturb their sleep. To avoid that trouble, this soft, 16-color nightlight with a motion sensor is a much more comfortable option. No need to find the switch in the dark or to squint under an unbearably bright light anymore!

Head Mount Magnifier With LED Light

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Know a senior who wants a perfect vision at the age of 90? No problem at all! Here's a fantastic senior-friendly gadget made just for seniors who are into hobbies that require perfect eyesight. It can help with sewing, jewelry making, reading, and any other type of intricate work.

This head-mounted magnifier can magnify anything and everything for a senior. It's shaped like your regular eyeglasses, only a whole lot cooler. There are two LED lights that illuminate the subject properly, so it's easy to focus on any object without straining the eyes.

Maddak Deluxe Flexible Sock Aid Dressing Aid

Dressing up is a taxing chore for seniors. Putting on their undergarments, pulling up their sleeves, and wearing socks is several times more difficult due to mobility issues and the lack of stable, energetic limbs.

Luckily, the Maddak Dressing Aid solves this massive problem for seniors. This flexible aid can help put on and take off socks and dressings way more easily and without tugging or tearing the fabric.


Senior help is a never-ending task. Whether you hire caretakers or take the job upon yourself, it seems like there's always so much to do! With these handy gadgets, though, seniors can easily take care of their basic work without needing anyone's intervention.