What Users Say About Ohana

Older Ohana user sitting in her garden

How Ohana Works

Ohana App home screen showing the three main features: messaging, video/phone calling, and photos

Easy enough for anyone to use

Reach out with your friends and family in just a few taps. No need to struggle to do simple tasks.

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Video of Ohana app messaging feature with voice recording for the senior and replies from the grandchild.

Instant Messages

Preset messages allow you to reach out in one tap. No need to type, simply hit the record button and send your voice messages. Receive the latest photos from family and friends.

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Ohana App calling feature with an option to video call or call your contact.

Call those who matter

Easily voice or video call your friends and family.

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Image of Ohana app photo feature so grandparents can see the family photos

Keep up to date with your family

Photos from your family, updated quickly and easily.

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How to Download & Set Up Ohana


Login to the app using your account

Send your family members your family code


Download the iPad app on App Store

Create your family and unique code


Sign up here to set up an account

Download the app on App Store

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Highlighted Features

Icon of a phone

Phone number

Receive a phone number your friends and family can use to call you.

Icon of speech bubble with voice recorder inside to represent voice texts

Voice texts

No need to type, simply send a voice recording.

Icon of a video camera

FaceTime calls

Video calls use reliable Apple technology

Icon of preset buttons AKA three orange rectangles on a white background

Preset messages

Preset messages make it easy to send quick replies to your loved ones

Receive Photos

Experience the adventures when you receive your friends and family's photos

Icon of a mountain and the sun rising behind it.

Photo Gallery

See all the photos your loved ones have ever sent to you

Icon of the sun in a half eclipse to indicate light and dark which is the basis of contrast.

Clear Contrast

Clear contrast to make the app easy to ready no matter your age

An icon of a capital letter T for typography

Large Fonts

Large fonts and high contrast to make reading without glasses possible

Icon of a user instantly understanding how to use a device, don't think too hard about it. Your imagination is better than the icon.

Intuitive Display

Create with and for older adults to ensure everyone can use Ohana

Choose a Plan

No cost to you


Global messaging

Global Voice and Video calling

Single Family manager

No Spam

Super duper simple to use