Why Should You Get Photo Apps For The Elderly?


Seniors often find it challenging to embrace modern technology and smartphone apps. And by the time they start getting familiar with a tool, it becomes redundant. Digital Darwinism compels the human race to keep up with the rapid pace of technological evolution. We must help our elders, grandparents, and senior friends embrace technology to communicate and cherish their relations. So, why should you get photo apps for the elderly?

Embracing Technology the Easy Way

Do you help your grandparents set up their Facebook accounts and learn how to use them? Or perhaps, you’re equipping your elderly parents with tools to help them feel connected and enjoy modern amenities? Embracing technology certainly makes life easier and more convenient, but the process is not easy for seniors.

The right photo app for seniors, such as Ohana, can make the process enjoyable, easy, and relatively straightforward. You see, a photo app designed for the elderly offers a simple user interface that they can get used to. It doesn’t feature complexities and numerous functions that seniors tend to find difficult.

Seniors are hard to persuade, and they’re slow learners when it comes to technology. They tend to give up too soon, and we all know the struggle of convincing our elderly parents to embrace technology. But when you offer them an app or tool designed specifically for them, the process becomes easier.

Instead of forcing them to embrace complexities, which can be stressful, capture their interest with a user-friendly photo app for the elderly.

Enjoying Reliable Connections

Elderly parents and grandparents cherish their connections with their children and grandchildren. More than anything, they want to feel connected with their loved ones in today’s fast-paced world. Loneliness and solitude are the two greatest realities of old age, and technology can help evade these harsh realities. You see, technology offers reliable connectivity and the ability to see our loved ones despite the distance.

If your elderly parents or grandparents live in assisted living accommodations or another state, they must feel incredibly lonely. You can help them embrace a user-friendly photo app for the elderly, such as Ohana, to help them stay connected.

Modern-day communications are powered by pictures and videos of our everyday happenings. We no longer tell people about our engagements and events as we show them everything that happened. Allow your grandparents and elderly parents to enjoy the ability to share their life moments with their loved ones.

For instance, Ohana offers a comfortable and user-friendly interface for the elderly to share their photographs and maintain photo galleries. With a few taps, they can access all the pictures sent by their children and grandchildren. They can capture, send, and receive photos and feel more connected.

The ability to share one’s life happenings with someone may not seem all that special. And that’s because the younger generations are somewhat disillusioned by the rapid sharing and imagery tools offered by social media. But we must remind ourselves that the elderly are still adapting to these tools.

The ability to feel a part of their children's and grandchildren’s lives can genuinely make a difference in their life quality!

Staying Connected & Feeling Loved

We often feel guilty about not giving enough time to our elderly parents and grandparents. However, carving out a balance between our professional responsibilities and personal life is not always easy. We struggle to find time between our numerous responsibilities and family time to visit our elderly relatives.

Time is unforgiving and treacherous, and we only realize this when it's too late, and they are no longer with us. Technology offers a practical solution to eliminate distances and stay connected with our elderly relations. It is essential to help our elderly parents and grandparents embrace technology to feel happier, cherished, and overcome loneliness.

By installing a user-friendly photo app for grandparents, you can help them enjoy social connections. Their daily routines are rather repetitive and boring. After spending an active and fulfilling life and raising children, one grows old to live a mundane and repetitive lifestyle. A photo app for seniors offers them a fun outlet to interact with their children, family, and friends.

They can jazz up their daily routine by connecting with all their loved ones and learning more about their day. The simple act of catching up with friends or grandchildren can make their day brighter and more happening.

While we all get busy with our lives, grandparents are always waiting to hear more about their children and grandchildren. They are always delighted to receive long Skype calls and video messages they can watch repeatedly.

How splendid would it be for them to enjoy social connections and swap images like the rest of us? That way, they won’t feel left out and will enjoy the same connectivity as millennials and young generations.


Our parents have given us everything we cherish in this world, be it education, moral values, opportunities, or freedom. Naturally, the younger generations enjoy an obvious advantage when it comes to using technology. But seniors and the elderly struggle to embrace technology, even though they’ve fought more significant battles.

As youngsters, we must help our seniors and grandparents step into the future and enjoy technological convenience. Installing a photo app for grandparents, such as Ohana, will help them stay in touch with their loved ones. They can eliminate barriers and immerse themselves in the joys of social connectivity.

With a few simple taps, they can evade loneliness and depression and share away their daily happenings. We all understand how much social connectivity means for us, then why not share this joy with our seniors?