Video Calls for Seniors


The cyberspace has allowed us to connect with each other like never before. With the growth of technology, it’s easier to keep in touch with anybody, anywhere in the world. Since travel, work, and education are integral parts of our lives, it’s essential to have technology such as video calls for seniors.

Why seniors? Because they aren’t as active in today’s busy world and need proper care and smart supervision. If you’re sitting in Florida, you should still be able to hear them rant about their neighbors in California. Luckily, video calling for elderly is now simpler than ever.

Video Calling Devices for Seniors

Video chatting is often dodgy even for us millennials, let alone the aging population. The trouble of losing your internet connection, installing new updates, and keeping your devices charged isn't easy to deal with.

When it comes to seniors, it's best to find resources which have to require the least amount of maintenance. For this reason, there are quite a few gadgets and software programs that might not really work for the seniors in your life.

However, some brands have answered the call of many seniors and caregivers in need of easier video calling tools. Want some ideas on what to use with video calling for elderly? Here are some devices you need to consider!


Ohana is an iPad app but specifically designed for seniors. Just like you have tablets intended for young kids, an iPad + the Ohana app is the perfect companions for seniors that struggle with technology.

Ohana has a simple interface that easily enables a senior to connect with you via video call. The high resolution, large screen with zoomed-in icons makes it safe for them to operate. It has been thoroughly tested to be as easy as possible for elderly people to use.

Ohana for iPad can be downloaded HERE.

Learn more about Ohana HERE.

Konnekt Videophone

If a senior needs a simple video calling device, the Konnekt Videophone does the job really well. Instead of going for a tablet or smartphone, you can choose a videophone like this one. It cuts down on all other features and builds its performance on only one feature: video calls.

The Konnekt Videophone comes with customized phone plans and an interface. It's big, loud, and clear enough so that nobody has trouble using it. A one-tap calling feature enables seniors to get in touch whenever it's urgent. It's also compatible with other devices that assist a video calling feature. With the Konnekt Videophone, one can also dial telephones for audio calls.

Amazon Echo Show

Get the voice command-enabled Amazon services for your seniors to give them the comfort of a lifetime. These devices come with an 8” HD screen plus surround sound features.

While making video calls for elderly, the Echo Show also allows them to use Alexa to dial-up a contact. The voice command feature also allows them to configure the settings of the video call and perform other operations on the screen.

The device also has a mechanism to cover the camera and shut off the microphone to protect their privacy. In other words, the Echo Show doesn't even need a senior to actually work on the screen – a simple voice command does it all for them!

What Apps Should Seniors Use for Video Call?

Video calling for elderly might be too tricky with complex applications. It's best to go for an app that offers only video communication instead of integrating video chat as a part of a broader program. In short, try to find an app that is as direct as possible. Here are some great options for you to try out:

  • Zoom Meeting
  • Skype
  • Google Duo
  • FaceTime
  • Discord
  • Facebook Messenger

These apps are made for smartphones, tablets, laptops, as well as PCs. These apps are the way to go for those who don't want to bother with a separate video calling device. They're also simple and easily configurable, so seniors don't get confused while working their way through the apps.

Benefits of Video Calling for Seniors

The baby boomer in your house might feel all resentful and cranky about using technology to connect with you, but deep down, everybody knows it has incredible benefits. These include:

a) Telemedicine Services

Telehealth is growing in the right direction. The round-the-clock availability of qualified doctors and nurses gives your seniors easy access to medical help whenever they need it. Telemedicine via video call is a fantastic venture, from advising on how to deal with insomnia to morning exercise routines and drug prescriptions.

b) Staying In Touch With You

For families that are scattered all over the country and hardly meet once in a month or two, there's nothing as savvy as video calls. Senior spouses, siblings, and even cousins can gather virtually in no time and with the bare minimum effort. With the second wave of COVID-19, it's also necessary for maintaining socially distant contact.

c) Connecting With Friends

Video calls need not be limited to family time! Whether they use the GrandPad or go for Zoom on the iPhone, seniors can also video call their friends while staying home. Since many seniors find it difficult to travel a long distance and stay outdoors for long hours, video calling their friends and doing virtual book reading is much easier!

Summing It Up

Old age is a never-ending ordeal on its own. Besides the physical stress and illnesses, seniors also find their mental health worsening by the day. Even simple flashes of nostalgia can leave them all depressed and upset. Unfortunately, that’s just how the world works. Once the seniors retire from work, they find themselves lost in a world that is always in motion.

Technology has undoubtedly hastened our lives. While this is a big reason to blame technology for distancing us from our dearest ones, it also provides a solution. Video calling in the present world is not only easy, but it also ensures that your seniors are never really disconnected from you.