How to Help Your Parents Get the COVID-19 Vaccine


When the world first stumbled upon yet another global pandemic, COVID 19, it was our seniors who were exposed to the highest risks. However, now that the vaccines are en route, your elderly parents have the chance of securing themselves against the virus. Here’s how to help your parents get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Start off by mentally preparing them for getting vaccinated. Adults at this age often overestimate the risk factors associated with medical treatments. Then, help them book their vaccination appointment online. You can either guide them yourself or use a service such as Ohana Concierge, which we’ll dive into at the end of this article. 

Currently, most of the bookings for vaccination are taking place through online websites. Vaccination centers, including hospitals, schools, stadiums, etc., have set up live websites and social media handles to respond to queries and update localities regarding their vaccination procedure. And this is exactly where the dilemma lies for senior citizens.

While people in their fifties are still tech-savvy, those who have crossed that age show little signs of tech compatibility and digital literacy. In this case, seniors often turn to someone younger in order to help them with their tablets and cellphones. 

Before you go about arranging an appointment, the first thing you need to know is the age limit for vaccination phases. While vaccines are being manufactured for every age, they're still available in a limited capacity. This is why the priorities right now are our frontline health workers, doctors, and senior citizens.

The age limit for seniors who can get vaccinated against COVID-19 ranges from 65 to 80 years throughout the American states. This way, seniors in some states may be able to get vaccinated earlier than those in other places. Therefore, depending on your state laws, you can plan an appointment at the vaccine distribution center if your senior parents qualify for the age limit.

How Can You Help Senior Parents Book Their Vaccination Appointment?

You can book your parents for vaccination via online portals, but things aren’t that easy right now. Although you're likely to be well equipped with tech tools, probing through an underdeveloped online mass vaccination scheduling network can frustrate you as well.

At the same time, attending to one’s parents in-person may be out of the question for those who reside in different states. Above all, driving up to your parent's house at the expense of your and their health isn't safe, either. The only option to stay in touch with your seniors and enlist them for vaccination is via the Internet.

Here are the steps you can follow to make an appointment for your parent's COVID vaccination:

  1. Find out the age limit for vaccination wherever your parents live. If their age falls short of the State requirement, then you'll have to wait for the next phases to book your parents' vaccination.
  2. If your parents are eligible for vaccination, do an online search to find the nearest and easily accessible places to get them their dose of the vaccine.
  3. When you reach the vaccination center webpage or social account, go through their procedural information so that you can explain everything to your seniors.
  4. Set up your senior's account and guide them on how they can navigate it through their own devices.
  5. Keep a check on any openings for registration. These usually begin at six in the morning, and the spots fill up pretty quick. Register your parents as soon as you can!
  6. Ask an acquaintance who lives near your parents to check up on them to make they don’t miss their appointment. Or you can use an app to set reminders regarding your parent’s vaccination. This app is pretty simple to use and will lift your parent’s spirits by helping you guys stay in touch while they’re waiting for the vaccination to begin.

If the process seems a little stressful, don’t worry! You can also use Ohana’s Concierge service to help your parents book their vaccination appointment. But what exactly is this service and how can you benefit from it? 

Ohana Concierge is essentially a call center run by a team of people committed to help senior citizens book their appointments with zero hassle. All you have to do is give them a call and tell them what you need to get done. Whether that’s booking an appointment or just needing to get information on booking procedures – the Ohana Concierge team will be there to handle your queries. 

The Ohana team is well trained in dealing with senior citizens, so your elderly parents should have no problem ringing them up themselves. But, if you’re a bit hesitant, you can get in touch with Ohana Concierge yourself on behalf of your parents! The best part about this service is that it’s absolutely free. So, you get to save on both time and money.

Wrapping Up

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone, but it’s hit our senior citizens particularly hard. Now, with the introduction of the vaccine, we can all breathe a small sigh of relief. As governments around the world begin to vaccinate their senior citizens, it’s important that you step up and help your elderly parents book their vaccination appointments. 

However, no matter how tech savvy we may be, booking the vaccination appointment is a tiring process. So, if you and your parents need extra help, reach out to Ohana Concierge today!