A Guide to Using the iPad for Seniors


Seniors of the current times have somewhat agreed to use the devices we use. From air conditioners to bullet trains to tablets and iPads, they’re catching up pretty quick. Naturally, many people are willing to get an iPad for grandparents. The question is: where should they start?

You see, when your seniors get their hands on an iPad, they’ll learn it entirely from scratch. Learning about what to do, what not to do, and how to configure and respond to the iPad’s actions will take some time. For your ease, here’s a brief guide to help you get started!

Do Seniors Even Need iPads?

If we find them useful, what's wrong with our seniors using them? Some might argue that an iPad is too challenging to use, or that using it might ruin their eyes, or that their neck might hurt.

However, damages like that happen only when you're careless at using technology. Not all people today wear glasses or neck support, right? Not all people end up accidentally making huge payments or in-app purchases. It's all about how careful your senior is with their device.

Moreover, their weak bodies and lazy lifestyle doesn't leave them with much to do. They might go out for a morning walk or take a doctor's appointment or cook for their grandkids. Other than that, they're clueless as to how they're supposed to spend their time.

Having an iPad could give them numerous new opportunities and options about what they want to do in their spare time. There are many iPad apps and features that can help seniors find new hobbies and interests. On the whole, using iPads productively is a whole lot better for them than turning bitter with each passing moment.

Best iPads for Seniors

We're appreciative of Apple's technology, but not every iPad is simple enough for seniors. Here are the few best ones in terms of build, functioning, and features:

Apple iPad 9.7

The iPad 9.7 is almost like those slates that seniors used during their childhood. They're slim, large, and lightweight. The high resolution, 9.7” large screen display, and ten-hour long battery life allow your seniors to spend maximum time with this iPad. The fusion chip processor is fast and can handle any erroneous actions that a senior might while using the iPad.

Moreover, it's also compatible with an Apple Pencil. If someone has shaky fingers, they can still easily use the device. With its large size and minimal weight, this one is great for reading, watching videos, etc.

Apple iPad Mini

For a more portable iPad for seniors, the Apple iPad Mini is a great option. The high-resolution screen, combined with large storage space, gives seniors the liberty to browse media and the internet on the go. The 7.9-inch screen can easily fit inside handbags and seat pockets. This one is also compatible with cellular and Wi-Fi signals, so it can replace their smartphone, too!

Apple iPad Pro

This 11-inch iPad is all seniors need when it comes to productivity and performance. The screen might be too large for those whose preference is otherwise, but it's still one of the best tablets around. An A12X bionic processor with facial recognition and other superb features gives this perfect tablet credibility. Whether it's gaming, reading, shopping, exercising, or video calling, the iPad Pro does it all really well.  

What Apps Should Seniors Have on Their iPad?

You can install the following iPad apps for the elderly on your senior's iPad!

Communication Apps


Skype is a reliable and well-known video calling and chatting app. It's simple and safe to use and allows seniors to connect with anybody they want.


It's Facebook, but a lot less noisy and crowded. Seniors can add and share multimedia and add profile details to connect with other seniors. It's a safe, scam-free, and ad-free online space for the elderly.

Ohana App

The Ohana app offers everything you need for a virtual family lounge. Instant messages, voice notes, phone book, video chat, and a remarkably intuitive display make this app a must-have.

Information and Help Apps

Find My Phone

The app allows seniors to track their iPad if they can't find it. This saves them the trouble of bending over sofas and dining tables.

Be My Eyes

It's like a flashlight, only much better. Be My Eyes brightens and magnifies all readable stuff for your senior so that they don't damage their eyes.

American Association for Retired Persons

The AARP app keeps seniors and retired people updated about upcoming events in their vicinity. If your senior is always sulking around at home, the AARP app helps a lot!

Senior Savings

The app gives seniors insights into their bank balance and savings in a simple, no-nonsense way. Since seniors can't always understand the complicated bank details, an app such as this one is wonderful.

Medical Apps

Good RX

Drug and medicinal recommendations and prescriptions are only a few taps away when your iPad has the Good RX app.

Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button is a safe way to alert loved ones if a senior requires medical help.


Seniors often forget to take their medication on time, which results in relapses and reactions. With Pillboxie, your seniors can wave this trouble goodbye.

Heart Rate Monitor

Health apps like these are a great help when seniors are working out or are feeling sick.

How to Make an iPad Easy for Seniors

Using Apple's gadgets is second nature for us, but with seniors, it's rather difficult. Here are five ways you can make their iPad experience way easier:

1. Increase text size.

2. Declutter the dock. Keep only the most necessary apps on there.

3. Enable Family Sharing. This allows up to six family members to keep tabs on the iPad's apps and purchases.

4. Activate color inversion and reduce white point for those who have vision problems.

5. Activate touch accommodation and duration settings. This makes it easier to use an iPad, even with shaky fingers.