8 Ways Seniors Can Stay Healthy This Summer


Summertime is generally harsh for everyone. Even if you don’t have extreme temperatures where you will, there are days when the heat becomes just unbearable. The air is dry and stiff, save for an occasional breeze now and then. Considering their old age and their medical conditions, seniors can have a particularly tough time during summers.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to keep seniors in good health this summer. Seniors should stay hydrated, perform light exercises, wear light clothes, and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, among many other things.

Summers can be hard. However, that doesn't mean seniors should completely become lazy and passive and stop caring for their health, right?

8 Ways Seniors Can Stay Healthy This Summer

From exercise to entertainment, seniors shouldn't have to miss out on all the summer fun. Here's how they can maintain their health and stay active the right way:

1. Staying Hydrated

A universal piece of advice for people of all ages is to drink plenty of water. It keeps your body hydrated and helps you avoid burnout during the summers. However, this doesn't mean elders have to down at least eight glasses of water every day. Instead, set smaller, achievable targets for water intake.

Many seniors may complain about water retention due to medications. Others might have a loose bladder and have to visit the bathroom often if they drink too much water. Therefore, they should drink just enough to keep themselves from becoming dehydrated. For more specific guidelines, seniors can consult their doctors.

2. Eat Veggies and Fruits

Another way to keep your senior self fresh and healthy during the summers is to ensure that you get in most of your nutrients. You also have to make sure that whatever you eat doesn’t cause inflammation and doesn't react to any medicines you may be taking. For many seniors, this may exclude a variety of meat, oily food, and even desserts.

When you leave behind these options, you’re left with vegetables and fruits. There are countless ways to consume these - from watermelon squash to cauliflower steak to different salads. There's a range of lightweight yet filling meals you can make as seniors.

3. Wear Light Clothes

Nobody likes to wear stiff, full-sleeved clothes during summers. Therefore, you should make sure that you have some light clothes in your wardrobe. A couple of loose shirts and pants, pajamas, and some light material semi-formals are more than enough! These will help seniors stay relaxed and comfortable during the day, whether you are in your own house or outdoors having fun. 

4. Perform Light Exercises

Even though summer workouts can be pretty tiring, they're necessary to keep the body active and healthy. Seniors may want to just laze around on the couch all day long, but that can damage your health.

Instead, seniors can perform light exercise routines, such as stretching, yoga, or maybe some sessions on a treadmill! This will help you keep your organs active and healthy.

If you’re scared of working out alone, don't worry! You can always do virtual workouts with your family members using the video call feature on the Ohana app!

5. Keep Your Medical Status Updated

As summer approaches, many seniors start to report a number of health issues. If your area is prone to extreme heat levels, you may find yourself exposed to heat-related medical conditions. These can include stroke, excessive sweating, or breathing difficulties. It could also aggravate any existing medical conditions you have.

Naturally, you should regularly test your blood sugar levels to make sure nothing's out of order. If you’re taking any prescription medicines, make sure they don’t have side effects such as a rise in body temperature.

6. Enjoy the Fresh Air and Sunshine

Just because the sun is out doesn't mean seniors shouldn't be! Yes, there are a few hours of the day when there’s too much heat (such as noon). However, the heat isn't as intense during the early morning hours or at sunsets. Since the sun isn't directly overhead at these times, the average temperature is slightly lower.

This is when seniors can take a stroll in the park, go to the beach, or just do a lap around the block. Doing so will keep seniors mentally active and fresh. You may fall ill if you remain indoors for too long. 

7. Take a Swim

Summers are the time for swimming pools, beaches, and water parks! No matter how bad the heat is outside, a series of laps in the swimming pool can fix it all. While swimming is great for exercise, it's also useful in keeping you cool during summers.

You can also plan a day at the water park, the beach, or community pool with your friends or family. There are many different options seniors can go for. Community pools, in particular, are great for a daily or weekly visit. Water parks are better suited for more adventurous seniors. If you’re not into swimming, a calm day at the shore can be pretty relaxing too.

8. Go for Indoor Entertainment

Photo Of Man Wearing Brown Coat

If you are looking for a fun experience during the scorching heat, don't worry! All you need is a place that’s sheltered from the sun, has air conditioning, and has a place to sit can be great for seniors. 

Depending on your interest, you can go for library seminars, visit a mall, attend an auction, a museum, or even visit an indoor theme park.


At an old age and with weakening health, seniors can be severely impacted during hot weather. While it’s important to keep hydrated, well-fed, and lightly dressed, it’s also important to make sure you have a good time during sunny days. A day at the beach, joining a seniors’ club, or even some simple exercises at home can go a long way!